My New Online Home

Hi friends, in case you missed the memo, I’ve moved!

Well, to a new on-line space, that is…

You can check it out at !

I have been working on my new website for almost a year and finally launched it last month. This has definitely been a much bigger adventure than I bargained for! To be honest, I am just walking in obedience to the Lord and I have no idea where He is going with it. Maybe it will grow into a ministry; maybe it will simply remain a more accessible home for my blog. Who knows? Stay tuned to find out!

That said, I will no longer be posting here at my Jar Full of Manna. I will keep the site up for awhile; it’s hard to let go of something that represents so much of my heart! But all the content has been transferred over to the new blog, so you can still find your favorite posts over there.

I have *attempted* to transfer my subscribers from here over to the new website, but I’m not sure you all made it. So if you’d still like to follow me but haven’t received any emails, I’d love to have you pop over to the new site and subscribe! I am currently doing a series on 7 Ways to Connect with Your Teen (which is helpful even if you don’t have teens because you probably know some you’d like to connect better with, right?). I will even email you a FREE PRINTABLE and ACTION SHEET when you subscribe!

So, friends, as we make this transition, will you please do me a few favors?

  • SUBSCRIBE! Click on over to and check it out! And while you’re there, don’t forget toHi subscribe!

  • PRAY FOR ME! Pray that I won’t get overwhelmed with all the technology things and will be able to faithfully share whatever the Lord gives me to write. Sometimes I have my own ideas about what I want to write, topics that seem like they would point people to Jesus more than what I’m currently writing. However, my greatest desire is to be faithful, which means I need to follow His lead. Pray that I will do that in a way that honors Him!

  • TELL SOMEONE! If you think my writing would encourage some of your friends, would you mind sending them a link to my new website? If one of my blog posts resonates with you, would you consider sharing it on social media? I CRINGE even asking this, but the reality is that ONE share can significantly multiply how many people see a post, which means you might be the very person God uses to get something in the hands of the one who really needs to read it! So please consider sharing, reposting, and commenting on anything that resonates with you!

I won’t say goodbye, because hopefully you’ll visit regularly on the new website. Instead, let me thank you for sharing this part of the journey with me here at my Jar full of Manna. It’s been a beautiful beginning. I hope you’ll join me for the next part of this adventure!

Love & Blessings, y’all!

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